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Tutorial - How to Apply a Digital Signature?

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A digital signature is like a paper-based signature - each giving you a method for adding a unique identifier to a document. Both provide you with an easy way to show a person signed a particular document at a particular time, but a digital signature goes further as it can ensure that the document content has not been tampered with after it was signed. In addition, the document version history can let recipients see when a document was signed and see when any changes were made to it. Advanced PDF Utilities Free can help you sign your PDF digitally.

Apply a Digital Signatures

Launch Advanced PDF Utilities Free and click "Tools" tab. Then click "Apply a Digital Signature". Enter information in each box:

Input File Name - click "Browse" to select the PDF file you want to apply a digital signature.

Open Password - enter the password if the PDF file is encrypted.

Signature Field Name - the name of the signature field to sign. If the field with this name does not exist it will be created.

PFX file name - the path and name of the PKCS#12 certificate/private key file (.pfx file).

PFX password - the password to open the PFX file.

Reason - an optional string indicating the reason for signing.

Location - an optional string indicating the location that the signing was done.

Contact Information - an optional string indicating the contact information of the signer.

Apply a Digital Signatures

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