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Tutorial - How to Convert Image to PDF?

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Why convert image to PDF? Because PDF is easy to take and print and safe to keep. It is fast and vivid to get all the content of paper file. We are not referring exclusively to text documents. Documents may contain presentation materials, price lists, business quotes, etc., which are difficult to visualize without illustrations which make such materials more graphic and attractive. So we can take pictures for those documents then make them to PDF files. It will be much easier to make table or describe them. Advanced JPG to PDF Free has the ability to convert image to PDF files.

Step 1. Input Image Files

Launch Advanced JPG to PDF Free and click "Scan to PDF/JPG to PDF" tab. Click "Import" to choose the image file you want to convert. Press Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple image files.

Input Image Files

Step 2. Arrange the Image Files

Click "OK" and the thumbnails of each added image will be displayed on the preview window. To arrange the file order, click "Top/Move Up/Move Down/Bottom" buttons or just select the file and drag it the place according to your schedule. Use "Delete" or "Clear" to remove the unwanted task. Click "Fit Image", "Fit Width", "Enlarge" and "Reduce" to adjust the image to the right size. If needed, click "Rotate ACW" or "Rotate CW" to correct it to the up-right position.

Arrange the Image Files

Step 3. Save to PDF

Click "Save PDF" to choose an output folder for the new PDF file. Click "OK" and the conversion process will be finished in seconds.

Save to PDF

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