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Tutorial - How to Preview PDF File?

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Advanced PDF Utilities Free integrate a free PDF viewer that lets you view and print PDF documents. It is fast and reliable for PDF preview and has zooming options.

Preview PDF Files

Launch Advanced PDF Utilities Free and click "PDF Preview" tab. Click "Load" to choose the PDF file you want to view and click "OK" to input it to program window. Then, preview the file with specific tools.

(1) Load - click this button to add a PDF file to the program window.

(2) Print - print out the current file with the printer connected with your computer.

(3) Document properties - add information to the PDF file, check its security, fonts, set layout preference, etc.

(4) Zoom
Zoom in/out - increase/decrease rapidly the magnification of the image.
Fit Width - fit the page within the left and right sides of the viewer window.
Fit Height - display the page to fit between the top and bottom of the viewer window.
Fit Page - make the entire PDF pages to appear in the pane.

(5) Page
First/Last - switch to the first/last page of the PDF file.
Previous/Next - go to the previous page/next page.

Preview PDF Files

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